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WELCOME TO eL Grande Hotel Malang

Warmest Greeting

When Hospitality Meets Tradition

eL Grande Hotel Malang is located in Bukit Palem Raya, Karangploso, Malang - East Java, Indonesia. A modern and minimalist 3-stars hotel surrounded by natural sceneries and the tranquil beauty of Mt. Arjuno.

With a semi-resort concept,eL Hotel International Malang has a complete facility and specifically designed to hold events such as family gatherings & outbond training. 

Not only perfect to hold family gatherings or outbond training events, eL Hotel International Malang is also equipped with meeting rooms, a coffee shop, and swimming pool for both adults & children.

With total 104 rooms composed of 4 different types,eL Hotel International will be a perfect place for you to stay and relax.